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For Christmas, birthdays, house-warming parties or just because you want to brighten someone’s day, offering gifts is a delightful tradition for all, but one which can nevertheless jeopardize a fair number of values such as ecology, anti-overconsumption, etc.Fortunately, because thinking on this subject is evolvingcontinuously, nowadays there are numerous ways we canspoil each other without harming the planet. Here is our selection of 10 eco-friendly gifts.




We don’t think about them enough. A throw is a marvelous gift idea. Perfect for keeping warm in winter, it also has numerous other possible uses. Always very mindful of adhering to values of environmental responsibility and good animal husbandry practices when creating its products, La Maison de la Maille is by all accounts the perfect brand when the time comes to go shopping.



No, this is not a gift reserved for people older than sixty. Yes, the shawl is cool. And even cooler when it is made using prestige wools and its design dreamed up by La Maison de la Maille is as chic as it is timeless. The good news? Once again, it meets specific environmentally responsible criteria that make this item a perfect gift if you want to remain ethical without descending into cliché.


Another good thing about the eco-friendly movement is that it has succeeded in infiltrating practically all areas of life. Awake has risen to the bold challenge of managing to create a sustainable range of watches. The result: a stripped-down design, models for both men and women and a reputation that is growing by the day. If you’re looking for a hip but eco-friendly gift, then please allow us to say: good for you!


Because you can be eco-friendly and still want to care for your skin with top of the range products (to hell with clichés!), a gift of a Tata Harper brand skincare product is a great idea. And because its founder, a star of green cosmetics, thinks of everything, you can even buy a gift set containing the essentials in small sizes. Very attractive.


In recycled cotton, please. A number of brands are now well into responsible manufacture, and all around us we can see the emergence of different models of bags, particularly in recycled cotton. Practical for all your essential items for a weekend break (a throw and/or a shawl, for example), we offer the 24-hour size. Off you go.


If you have already gifted someone the 24-hour bag, you could always present them with the chance to use it. An eco-friendly break, what a lovely idea! Without going too far afield, so that you don’t have to use methods of transport that would spoil our desire to be eco-friendly, there are now environmentally friendly gîtes, estates that grow everything on-site, eco-lodges, green refuges and more. Ample choice for a getaway without harming the planet.


This is a gift that always works well. Nowadays, there are a number of brands manufacturing candles that meet environmental criteria. La Belle Mèche is one of them. With its made-in-France creations using vegetable wax, its original essential oil-based fragrances and its recyclable containers, it seems to check all the boxes, wouldn’t you say?


Because you can never have enough information on the subject, why not gift-wrap a top book on the eco-friendly cause? “Petit manuel de résistance contemporaine” (Little handbook of contemporary resistance), “l’humanité en peril” (Humanity in peril) and “La cuisine zéro déchets” (Zero-waste cooking) are just a few examples of the infinite variety of works available today with information and advice on how we can all progress towards a greener planet. And remember not to buy them on Amazon!


A what? Yes, you read that right. A Yogurt Maker. Both fun and eco-friendly, it is now a feature in the kitchens of yogurt enthusiasts, with no individual yogurt pots left behind to fill up the trash. And it also lets you try out recipes that you might not necessarily find on the shelves of your local store. Let’s have some fun!


As well as being a friend of ours since we started our business, Gaëlle Constantini is also a committed creator who knows better than anyone how to marry fashion and ecology. With her environmentally responsible values and her all-consuming passion for nature, Gaëlle designs timeless yet resolutely modern collections that have already won over the demanding hearts of the fashion world. Get your skates on and take a look!


Written by Laura Isaaz

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