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Keeping you warm without warming the planet. 



To be a committed stitch.

La Maison de la Maille commits to produce in a fair, transparent and durable way.

This commitment comes with strong choices that go against the main stream of fast fashion.

Lost in the race of finding the last new trend, with productions less and less expensive in order to increase margins, it is an industry that goes too often against our interests as consumers and against our environment, consumed little by little.


Nonetheless, our ideological and environmental convictions are also economical:

We are convinced that on the long run, only a responsible, reasonable, transparent and ethical approach shall be accepted by consumers, and thus be profitable.



All of our products are made in France.


By using the historic French know-how,

La Maison de la Maille ensures quality durable woollen products,

able to warm several generations.

 But their manufacture on a local scale offers many others benefits.

As a true player in the economical French network,

we take part in sustaining jobs in a country where labour laws are respected,

thus accepting that services will come at a higher price than any other country.

This is a commitment that you’ll find at every stage of our production, gathered on a local scale.

The scrupulous choice of our foreign partners - mainly fibre suppliers – also highlights

of how strong our commitment is.


La Maison de la Maille works exclusively with cherry-picked and labelled producers,

able to certify the traceability or their fibres.


Further more, La Maison de la Maille is committed from a social approach

by promoting insertion or reinsertion.

For our cotton bags, we work with a social establishment that is helping insertion or reinsertion through work: Kalistâ (from the APAJH association helping people with disabilities),

established in La Flèche (where our headquarters are) for 30 years now.


Our priority will always be to develop such collaborations.


Our careful use for paper and cardboard for packaging aims to reduce the use of plastic wastes. The only plastic we use - as part of the packaging ensuring your throw won’t suffer from humidity during the shipping - respects the CEN rules, relating to Reuse (EN 13429), to material Recycling (EN 13430) and to energetic Valorisation (EN 13431).


To create the most beautiful plaids in the world, with natural, eco-friendly, irreproachable wools, soft to both our customers and the planet.

Our approach is simple and natural:

we want to enjoy the process of creating the products we dream of, products that we -as customers- would buy, and which production and use is nothing but beneficial to humans, animals and environment.


These decisions have a cost and lead to an ultimate commitment from our end:


La Maison de la Maille chose to work with reduced margins so as to give you a fair price all year long.

This is the reason why we cannot afford to do promotions.

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