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Luxurious, transparent, fair trade and durable

La Maison de la Maille is the very first responsible and committed luxury house.

Exceptional high quality products, exemplary working conditions, environment friendly and respectful of all lives are the non-negotiable principles of our brand’s philosophy.

A luxury product with no shameful secrets, made in France, respectful of both nature and animals: this is our commitment to you anytime you buy one of our throws.

La Maison de la Maille : à propos

A THROW that will grant your wishes

Do you remember the softness of noble knittings that would be passed through generations? Long forgotten, La Maison de la Maille brings back durable quality woollen products, while upgrading them with a modern twist.


Absolutely convinced that commitment should be the top priority of any durable luxury brand, we have thought through and put in place a production process that is extremely qualitative, fair, transparent and durable.


Our determination grew as strong as our products are comfortable and soft.

Plaid en laine mérinos

Made in France

and superior know-how

All of our products are made in France.


After we found the best threads in the world, they are knitted with great expertise in order to design unique products.

Cônes de laine

The best threads in the world

The best threads in the world…

The best meals are made with the best ingredients. This is the recipe followed for our products.


National specificity, the French knitting finds its place at the heart of an exceptional heritage.


Choosing to have an exclusively local production allows to ensure the superior quality of the woollen products that will last long in our customers lives.

An authentic manufacturing that doesn’t sacrifice quality to style.


Elegant and timeless, our items give a modern twist to knittings and are adorned with signature details: label delicately weaved in France, hand-darned edging with a plum thread - the House colour - or knitted monogram representing our logo.

Couvertures en laine naturelle

The Founders

Charlottes Huyghues Despointes

Charlotte HuygHues Despointes


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After 15 years living in Paris, 6 of which directing her own luxury design agency, Charlotte left Montmartre with her family to move in a farm, surrounded by fields… That’s when the desire to create a high quality woollen product appeared. A durable and respectful, though also elegant and comfortable item, to be passed through generations like old times.

Her favorite product?

The dyed blue Merino throw

Alphonse alpaga

Alphonse Paga

Both muse & Supplier

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Very busy living with his congeners on a beautiful farm just a few minutes away from our office, Alphonse is very sociable, but not very talkative. Vegan, strong advocate for the animal cause, sometimes belligerent, Alphonse is extremely generous when it comes to sharing what nature gave him. Very vigilant about his comfort, he likes to remind everyone that he needs to be regularly sheared for his well being and health.

François-Xavier Watine

François-Xavier Watine



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Fashion photographer and entrepreneur, François-Xavier flies from fashion week to fashion week in Paris, New York or London, while managing his own digital marketing agency specialized in content production. When Charlotte shared her project with him, he immediately stepped on board, aware that this made in France luxury, ethical and durable, addresses to the creative industry he fancies but also to adventurers and people in love with comfy-cozy items.

His favorite product?

The cream Duo Baby-Alpaca throw

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