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Rare and very coveted, this Baby-Alpaca thread is made of the first shearing of the grown-up camelid living in the higher Andes.


Those animals produce a fibre that is known for being strong, fluffy and very soft; it also is hypoallergenic.

Born in Arequipa, Peru, at an eco-friendly weaving mill - this exceptional wool is certified organic and fair trade.


Thanks to their ethereal sand knit stitch, these plaids are delicate and voluptuous, and are made in France in our workshop in Castres.


It is an anthem to softness.


  • Made in France


    Threads: 100% Baby Alpaca extra thin wool


    Sizes (+/- 10%):

    • Duo: 160 X 220 cm / 62.99 x 86.6 inches
    • Single: 130 X 170 cm / 51.18 x 66.92 inches


    Stitch: Sand-stitch + Edge rib 4X4



    • Duo: 2kg approximately
    • Single: 1kg approximately