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"Le Plaid Merveilleux"

Adopt an exceptional wool throw, made entirely in France, and forge a genuine bond between you and the alpaca of your choice.


Le Plaid Merveilleux is France’s first made-to-order wool throw

produced from the gorgeous wool of an alpaca selected by you.

From rearing to shearing, from spinning to knitting,

follow your alpaca and each stage of creating your unique throw.

Marvelous and unique

The quintessence of luxury and expertise from La Maison de la Maille,

Le Plaid Merveilleux came about from an idea as simple as it is brilliant:

Each Plaid Merveilleux wool throw is created from just one alpaca’s fleece coming from its annual shearing.


Each fleece has its own characteristics in terms of weight, density, fineness and color.

This means that each Plaid Merveilleux throw is unique in size, color and feel.

A revolution in luxury, we have completely reversed the logic:

instead of choosing your throw, choose your alpaca; your throw is then produced from the fleece from its annual shearing.

Each Le Plaid Merveilleux marks the beginning of a story between your alpaca and you.


ONE FLEECE per year
one unique CONE OF YARN



Our French alpacas have been carefully selected for their superb wool.

Their fleeces are made up of exceptionally fine, regular fibers, offering you the ultimate comfort. Our alpacas’ wool has amazing qualities and produces fleeces of unrivalled softness.​

Each Le Plaid Merveilleux throw offers you French excellence through a completely local, environmentally friendly process:

100% local, 100% natural, 100% respectful of people and animals, 100% traceable.


1 - Choose your alpaca

Take a look at the first photos of Axelle’s alpacas.

The alpacas of the peaceful Le Clos Tranquille farm live free and happy lives in the heart of the Sarthe department in rural France.

Our lovely alpacas are carefully shorn just once a year to prioritize their well-being.

Each animal will produce one fleece a year, which will be used to make your own unique Le Plaid Merveilleux throw.


The yarn produced from your alpaca’s wool is not dyed. Natural alpaca wool can feature up to 22 colors and shades.

Our gallery of photographs will let you see each animal’s colors and help you make your choice.

Your Le Plaid Merveilleux throw will have the coloring of your chosen alpaca, with all its unique nuances and contrasts.



Each fleece feels different to the touch.

We will help you make your choice by describing the touch and feel characteristics in great detail.

Your Le Plaid Merveilleux throw will have a unique texture, beautifully fluffy and soft.


The volume of a fleece varies depending on the alpaca’s age, size and weight.

Each shearing gives a different weight of yarn. The heavier the fleece, the larger the knitted throw.

Each Le Plaid Merveilleux throw is unique in size and shape.

2 - Follow your alpaca and the creation of your wool throw

Two years in the making, this sector of excellence is unique in France.

From rearing to shearing in Sarthe and Mayenne, to spinning in Brittany and knitting in Mayenne, each stage of the production of your Le Plaid Merveilleux throw in France is carried out by proficient local businesses with passion and dedication. The values that all this expertise incorporates into your Le Plaid Merveilleux throw make it the epitome of excellence.

You can follow all the stages involved in creating your throw, your unique piece, step by step, conducted with complete respect for the animals and nature. You will receive regular photos and news about your alpaca.

The underlying concept means that this collection of throws will be available in extremely limited quantities, and for this reason each throw is highly individual.

Your Le Plaid Merveilleux throw will be the perfect reminder of this enjoyable experience.

Exclusive knitwear

Creating a knitted fabric is an art – and one in which La Maison de la Maille excels.

Alpaca wool needs room to expand in order to express its wonderful qualities.

We have developed a unique knit dedicated to this exceptional yarn, a knit that embraces the lightness, fineness and softness of alpaca wool.

Your Le Plaid Merveilleux wrap will be supremely soft and comfortable with an exquisite feel.

Maille d'alpaga.png

3 - Receive your embroidered and dated Le Plaid Merveilleux throw in a beautiful box

Each Le Plaid Merveilleux throw is a genuine work of art.

No copies, no counterfeits, we can guarantee that your Plaid Merveilleux throw will be totally unique.


Each Le Plaid Merveilleux throw bears the name of its alpaca embroidered in champagne gold thread. The throw is dated according to the year of shearing. We keep a confidential register of all the pieces produced and sold to guarantee the complete traceability of your Plaid Merveilleux throw.​

Plaid Merveilleux throw makes an ideal gift and is delivered in a beautiful, environmentally friendly box made in France.

Le Plaid Merveilleux – luxury craft skills reinvented.

Be part of your chosen alpaca’s story.

Registration well received!

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