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The eco-friendly Instagram accounts
to follow

Eco-friendly, the word of the moment. From this fine word for a trend that should no longer be a trend, but assert itself as an essential response in everyone’s daily life, La Maison de La Maille has managed to build its brand identity by offering luxury, beautiful products that are -sure enough- eco-friendly. And because we are not the only ones, thankfully, who believe in an ethical future for consumption, here is our top 10 Instagram accounts that talk ecology without spoiling the mood.


@Gretathunberg: the star

She needs no further introduction. Greta Thunberg was 15 when she made her grand entry onto the environmental activist stage. Now 18 years old, this young woman has more than 11 million followers on Instagram, is among the most influential people of her generation and is not afraid of making her voice heard with the world’s top leaders.


@gaelleconstantini: the creator

A friend of ours for a number of years now, Gaëlle Constantini is one of those early bird environmentalists who saw before everybody else that upcycling and textile recycling was the future of fashion. Determined, passionate, talented and humanist to the core, Gaëlle has continued to believe in this, and her eponymous brand is making its mark as one of the most promising.


@Hugoclément: the high-profile one

His credo: the ecological struggle, but above all animal protection. A high-profile journalist and committed activist, Hugo Clément uses his popularity on the social networks to call out anything that he believes stems from cruelty and/or which harms the environment. Punchy, honest and stubborn, this thirty year-old has no doubts when it comes to stirring up the hornet’s nest to get his complaint heard. Determined.

@saistuque_ecolo: environmentalist info

We obviously don’t go there for the artistic design. But it does have a whole bunch of very relevant info about the environment. A wellspring of knowledge and topics to bring up at dinner parties. 


@lescookines: the foodie 

Who said organic cuisine was not attractive? Just follow Les Cookines to realize that with good ingredients and a pinch of creativity you can prepare dishes that would make any top chef green with envy. This is exactly what Julia succeeds in doing on her Les Cookines account, when she is not out hiking and biking: every photo she posts makes us want to copy her recipe down to the last detail. Tasteful, attractive and eco-friendly, not to be missed.


@Céline Marks: the likeable one 

Her Instagram account with its meticulous snapshots reveal Céline’s talent (and her sunny smile) as she successfully promotes vegetarianism and good habits among the most recalcitrant environmentalists. Bravo.


@AnaDaSilv: the healthy girl 

Pilates, tasty recipes, wellbeing: while not the most “militant” of the bunch, she has the perfect profile for budding environmentalists who are just looking for good tips on how to cook in a balanced way and adopt a healthy lifestyle. And that can’t do any harm.


@Mangoandsalt: pretty ecology 

Fresh, sweet and colorful. Victoria’s Instagram bio reads “Vintage, books & plants”, a perfect encapsulation of the aesthetic-ethical content to be found on her account. Attractive photos, landscapes, mantras and the occasional cat. Lovely.


@helloglowblog: eco-friendly cosmetics 

If you’ve had enough of having to scrutinize your creams, deodorants and shampoos to find out the list of ingredients, perhaps the best solution if you want to be sure of what’s in them is to make them yourself. The good news? Helloglowblog makes the exercise quite a sexy one, and that’s a promise


@Entremains: the vintage 

Nowadays there are loads of vintage e-shops (and so much the better) but, just between us, Entremains wins this one hands down. Stunning items, a calibrated artistic direction, a girl power team, and sassy wording; we give this one the thumbs up.


@marinatestino: the specialist environmentalist

She is beautiful, she is bankable, she is hip and happening and she is concerned. Concerned by all the eco-friendly alternatives to adopt a new lifestyle in step with the environmental problems of our generation. A long way from the clichés that usually cling to environmentalists, Marina Testino is the type of skipper who makes us want to join her crew.


@coco_cactus: the new arrival

A brand new arrival on the environmentalist scene, cococactus is the blog worth following. Run by the model Charlotte Lemay, amongst others, here is where you can find key news, images that pack a punch and lifestyle-inspired shots.


@Nomoreplasticco: the anti-plastic campaigner

One not to be missed for those speaking out against plastic, Nomoreplasticco attacks the problem of plastic pollution head-on and doesn’t hesitate to make its combat viral through a variety of media actions. A targeted communication and hard-hitting photos that rattle consciences. Effective because it is intense.

Written by Laura Isaaz


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