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And suddenly, bam, the mask falls off.

It's me, Laura.

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I’m the little mouse that has been hiding behind all the articles you see on the site since August 2020. I’m telling you about the alpacas, their moods and the different types of knitting. I’m informing you about how to wash your throw and how to use it too. Basically, I’m giving you all the information you need to enter the world of La Maison de la Maille and learn as much as possible about its products but also about its values.


And it was these values that definitely pushed me in agreeing to collaborate with the brand. Right after the $50,000 paid into my account each month (now is the time to see if house lovers love good jokes as much as luxury throws). I was first very touched by the founding duo formed by Charlotte and François-Xavier.


Charlotte decided to leave everything behind (her work in a luxury design agency and her apartment in Montmartre) to go live in the countryside with her family. Lucky (you say to yourself). It was then that the mad desire to create a very high-end woolen brand was born. It was on, La Maison de la Maille too.


François-Xavier, fashion photographer and entrepreneur, runs from photoshoots to Fashion Weeks around the world while running his marketing agency. A busy professional life that François-Xavier didn’t hesitate to load a little more when Charlotte spoke to him about her idea. A Made in France project in fair luxury, he goes for it.

“Would you write for us?”


Goodness. I almost refused at first. Well aware that the editorial tone that would be asked of me would completely depart from the habits I had set for myself and the direction that I was slowly going. That of a libertarian path for my writing, one shaped by the strength of the wrist and major changes of course. So write about the different categories of wool and the character of alpacas… I wasn’t sure.


And yet.


I went for it, too. I went for it because I liked the contact I had with Charlotte and François-Xavier. Two passionate, hard-working people who do not forget the key values of stories that last. Respect, altruism, trust. I liked the way they told me about the brand, their energy, their kindness, their emotion and their attachment to values that are very close to mine as well.


Claude (my dog, a two year old chihuahua with offensive eyeballs) didn't bark at Francois-Xavier when she saw him. She even let him take her photo. I'm crazy and it's no longer a secret to many, but I also knew then and there that I had made the right choice in joining the team.


I went for it because I like this desire to come back to the beautiful, the real, the quality. I like the idea that we are fighting for the planet and that we continue to believe that anything is possible even if it is not always easy. I like to know that this is a brand that works with animals, by loving them. (I dream of being able to go for a walk in one of the brand's farms one day. François-Xavier, Charlotte, I’m putting that out there).


I went for it because for the first time in a long time, I take real pleasure in writing on serious subjects. Without too many jokes and second degree, just to give information, participate in cultivating you all and above all, above all, make you love the brand as much as I love it.


Oh and I have become an expert on wool, knitting and alpacas. Don't even test me.




Note from La Maison: Laura Isaaz is a journalist (and former ELLE journalist), author and creator of the Maag blog. You can find her on instagram: @laura_isaaz

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