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How to wash my wool blanket?

It has happened to all of us at least once. That painful moment when you realize that in the pile of laundry that you hastily threw in the machine (before starting a synthetic program) there was a cashmere sweater. And that at the end of the wash / spin at 1200 turns, this sweater looks suspiciously like a chihuahua’s sweater. As we at La Maison de la Maille want to do everything possible to ensure that our creations do not suffer this sad fate one day, we invite you to:

1. Be careful what you put in the machine

2. Read the following tips carefully.

How to wash a wool blanket



It is when the fibers rub against each other that the felting effect appears. The cocktail of humidity, pressure, heat and repeated movements causes the scales to open and, in fact, the addicts between them. To prevent this from happening with both throws and all other woolen pieces, it is important not to wring them out (or very little) after washing.




Here’s a fact. Wool can easily be washed hot, the only thing you need to pay attention to is thermal shock. It is the big differences in temperature that generate the alteration of the mesh, not the heat. In other words, wool can be washed hot if rinsed hot, the trouble is, you can't find this option on washing machines. So it is mainly for this reason that brands recommend washing in cold water.




At La Maison de la Maille, we use three types of wool for the manufacture of our throws. Baby alpaca wool is the most fragile, we advise you to wash by hand in cold water as a precaution.


Regarding eco-designed wool as well as Merino wool, they can be machine washed at 30 degrees without any problem, just be sure it’s in the wool cycle to avoid friction between the fibers.




Contrary to what one might think, wool and water are not sworn enemies. Better still, wool likes water because it tends to soften its fibers. So washing your woolen pieces is not a bad thing; you just need not to let them soak, otherwise you will damage them.



When one says good washing they really say good detergent. As La Maison de la Maille is committed to respecting the environment and to always be part of a responsible dynamic, we advise you to use natural detergent such as Marseille soap shavings and to ban all chemical products. If you suffer from mourning the softener feeling you can create a homemade detergent by mixing white vinegar with essential oils. For tasks, the land of Sommières turns out to be an excellent clean and green ally.




Can I iron my woolen blanket? The answer is yes but you must follow a few small rules. It is indeed necessary to opt for a very soft ironing and to use a wet cloth (damp cloth) between the wool and the iron.


For drying, flat drying is preferred to prevent the fibers from deforming under the weight of the water. The added trick: place a towel under the blanket to absorb the moisture.

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