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As in fashion, decor has a few timeless pieces that promise our interior to look great. Without breaking up the housing savings plan to play the decorista hoping to see her name in big letters in MILK Magazine, there are 10 decor essentials that are enough to seem like you know. And it does the job.

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Yes, a throw. For too long it was considered a simple object to keep our toes warm. Slowly, it has managed to regain its image becoming a decorative piece in its own right. Imagined in prestigious wool, chic and timeless colors, the throw is invited on the edges of sofas, armchairs, at the end of the bed... Bringing a cozy and sophisticated touch to the interiors, whether classic or more contemporary. Be careful, however, to choose a model whose fabric and design are up to par. Therefore, A La Maison de la Maille throw.



This is forgivable snobbery. A designer lamp is for decoration what a designer bag is to fashion.Put a Celine bag on a woman who is wearing a Mango outfit and you will still feel like she is quite in fashion. Put a Pipistrello or an Artemide on a Confo or But buffet and you will immediately think that it is a piece of furniture from the finest craftsmanship. The ruse.




Again, having a beautiful rug at home is the assurance of being seen as someone with taste. A minimum, in any case. Of course, if the rug is well chosen. It's quite simple, to be sure you don't go too far off the path, the best thing is to choose a plain model. A pretty mouse gray or cream(which will go very well with our heather gray merino throw or our cream baby alpaca throw). If you have kids, pets, or even friends who haven't understood the concept of removing dirty shoes, please know that we are doing our best to give you the best advice. Oh and for the most easily influenced, you can treat yourself to a beautiful Berber model. It's seen and seen again, but it continues to do the trick.




A what? A trumeau mirror. Like the ones you see everywhere above old fireplaces. Coming back from oblivion for a few years, the trumeau mirror is good for completely dressing aside board, a bathroom cabinet, a desk, a fireplace... And even if it is old, it can be married wit hall styles of interiors. The trick: go for a ride on Leboncoin. The second trick: avoid very old models that contain mercury.




Notice to allergy sufferers, you are in trouble. Indeed, today more than ever, vintage is on the rise in the world of decoration (and not only). Whether it be in Instagram accounts for inspiration or for resale abound on the internet, there is a much easier (and cheaper) way to find pretty nuggets to take home: flea markets.Seventies furniture, old knick-knacks, old crockery, demijohn, paintings... Sometimes just a little nothing is needed to give your decor the twist it lacked. Words of wisdom from a thrifter (I speak of decoration, obviously).




Long thrown in the same basket as the throw, the pillow is no longer seen as just a friend who relieves your neck in front of Netflix. Patterned, plain, velvet, embroidered... Today there are a      slew of irresistibly pretty models from major design brands. The decorating idea of the day: mix different formats and different prints/colors on the bed and/or on the sofa.




You don't like to read and you prefer to watch the Marseillais? No big deal (well, yes, but that's not so much the topic today). You can still let the people who come to your house think you are learned and cultured by filling your shelves in the living room with novels and sliding two or three big books on Dali, Matisse or Schiele on your coffee table. Because nothing ultimately looks much prettier than a book. And who knows, maybe one day in a moment of terrible weakness or abysmal boredom, you'll want to open one.




To polish up your decor at a lower cost, candles are concrete allies. Whether it be scented or in candle holders... They provide a warm, intimate and elegant atmosphere. For the more sophisticated (and the richest, let's be honest) there are essential brands like Diptyque, Cire Trudon, Jo Malone or Byredo.




You still have to have a minimum of a green thumb (and no stupid cat on the horizon), but the plant is a decorative piece that we don't think about enough. Straight from the Scandinavian countries and their Instagram goddesses who seem to live in show apartments, the "green plant" trend is now well established here. So there are more and more sales organized in ephemeral places in Paris to find a few cute ficus trees at reduced prices.




It was because we needed 10 but in real life, well, not necessary.Well, a little bit anyway. Let's say the advantage of a pretty vase is that even when empty, it fills its job as a decorative object. And the good news is that today it is very easy to find a model without necessarily going to Anissa Kermiche. The $3 billion ideas? We put a bouquet of dried flowers on it so that we don't have to think about it.

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If the primary function of a throw is first to accompany us during our winter evenings in front of the TV or by the fireside, it turns out that it is not as single-tasked as it seems. Its uses may be more varied than you think. As a decorative object at home, when traveling, in the summer or slipped into the diaper bag ...

We tell you everything.

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Even if you are not familiar with the word "Hygge", you may have heard about this super hype trend. Creating a cosy home decor, taking time for yourself, treasuring moments with your intimate circle, cooking food that you like... If you are already practicing any of those, you might already be on your way to living a "Hygge" life.

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