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Hygge”: how to adopt the Danish lifestyle at home

Even if you are not familiar with the word “hygge”, you may have heard about this super hype trend. Creating a cozy home decor, taking time for yourself, treasuring moments with your intimate circle, cooking food that you like… If you are already practicing any of those, you might already be on you way to living a “Hygge” life!

“Hygge” : adopt the new lifestyle at home

Originally from Norway, the word “ Hygge” (pronounced “hue-gah”) can’t be translated literally, but it implies having a lifestyle that combines well-being and cocooning. The Danes adopted it a long time ago to help ease the short winter days (the sun can go down at 3PM there!). Slowing down their lifestyle, surrounding themselves with people and things they love and focusing on little pleasures would have helped them get through the never-ending winters… and knowing that Danes are the happiest people in the world according to scientists, one could say it worked pretty well!


The “Hygge” lifestyle has only recently gotten popular outside of the nordic countries though, maybe because we are all looking to slow down our lives in this very fast contemporary lifestyle. If you’re interested to “Hygge” as well, follow the next steps!




Reading a good book, drinking hot chocolate, feeling the sun heating your skin… there’s no small pleasure in “Hygge”. Every moment must be felt and appreciated, mostly if you dedicate this time to yourself or to friends and family.


One of the many things “Hygge” promotes is to have a hobby, or to start a new one. Practicing an activity helps you disconnect from daily life, and focus on yourself. Sewing or knitting, old hobbies that carry this notion of patience highlighted by “Hygge”, are seeing their popularity explode again. Their benefit? Besides helping you relax, they’ll provide you with beautiful clothes or accessories for the winter!



Coziness may be the n°1 rule in “Hygge”. Your home has to be comfy, making you want to stay inside for hours, spending time alone or with loved-ones. The plaid is then the masterpiece of your decoration. Available in many sizes for your living or sleeping room, it will bring texture, fluffiness and comfort to your house decor. Stay “Hygge” choosing your blanket in light tones like beige, white, or cream, and in noble and soft materials like Merino Wool or Baby-Alpaga Wool. Not only the plaid will keep you warm this winter, but it will allow you to create a warm and welcoming home. Nice for long talks with friends discussing the big and little things in life around the fireplace… isn’t it?


Besides the plaid being the masterpiece of your decoration, Hygge also encourages light and cold tones like beige, white, cream, light grey, and natural materials such as wood, bamboo, wicker, linen, cotton...




Let’s not forget you “Hygge” mostly to stay warm during the winter! It shouldn't come as a surprise then that the Danish lifestyle highly encourages having a fireplace. Meant to keep you warm and cozy, the fireplace can also be a big asset in your decoration, and the place where your family and friends reunite to create unique moments.


If you don’t have a fireplace though, don’t panic! Candles are also very used to create a cozy interior and bring light and warmth with pleasant scents. Our advice to create a very cocooning place? Choose scented candles that remind you of winter: cinnamon and orange, gingerbread, pine and cedar, clove... Drink a hot and nice tea while burning your scented candles, and here you are, hygging super well!



Now that your home is super cozy and that you have settled some “Hygge” moments in your routine, you can focus on the most important thing of all: sharing those moments with your beloved ones! Far from being focused just on yourself, “Hygge” also highlights the importance of sharing moments with friends and family, and taking time with them to bond and create unique moments. Cook with your family, play cards around the fireplace, learn how to knit with your grandma: share the “Hygge” around you!

Written for La Maison de la Maille by Estelle Ducommun

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