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10 SIMple actions to protect the planet

There are some fights that shouldn't exist. Yet, even today, it remains essential to say and repeat that your daily actions in the long term can really make a difference from an environmental point of view. Global warming is here, its many fires around the world and its heat waves four months out of the year continue to remind us of this. Take a bike, reduce your energy consumption, say no to plastic... It is never too late (nor too early) to make up your mind to do the right thing. Here are 10 simple actions to take to protect the planet.




To learn is to know, to know is to measure. To measure is to progress. Take the time to read some well-informed articles on the ecological state of our planet today, the tragedies we can expect, the spine-chilling (or hot) prognoses. Watch documentaries that deal with this hot topic. Listen to the scientists and experts gives the alarming numbers and the advice that can make a difference... Knowing all this, it's impossible (or unthinkable) not to wake up and change some of the habits in our life.




Stop the trips to the temples of perishable fashion, infused with products from forced labor in Uyghur labor camps. We stop participating in the diabolical Fast Fashion industry, we buy less and we buy better by favoring quality products (made in France or local if possible), certainly more expensive to buy but much more resistant in time-and above all-ethical and ecological. If it's true for fashion, it's true for everything else. For example, we will choose to treat ourselves to a beautiful La Maison de la Maille blanket, a high-end piece made with respect for the planet and animals.




When the balmy summer months take their leave to make way for the frost, the heaters come on in the cottages and the thermostats go up. The problem? Heating (mainly electric) is responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore part of non-green habits that we need to change quickly. If the options for banning electric heating are still rather meager, it is however possible to instead use wood heating (... but by properly studying the offers to go towards its most environmentally friendly versions. Only certain efficient devices are really effective and ecological), to insulate your home more, to choose natural gas heating or, the most ecological solution of all, to cover yourself with a good blanket rather than increase the heating by a few degrees. Good deeds and pleasure can go hand in hand by giving yourself anti-cold allies like a woolen blanket from La Maison de la Maille.




This is probably the number one enemy of our planet: plastic. It is impossible to ignore, present everywhere, it invades our oceans at the rate of several tonnes per year. A dramatic situation generated by the insane amount of waste that humans have produced for several decades. If, fortunately, measures at the national level have been taken to reduce the impact of plastic, it is imperative to modify our consumption habits as much as possible, by buying in bulk, by shopping with a tote bag and by being vigilant with the packaging of the products you buy (opt for glass or cardboard)...




We can never say it enough, cars pollute (unless it is electric, of course). Among the first changes to be made on a daily basis, the choice of transport is therefore essential. Cycling (Paris is now a city ready to welcome them en masse), public transport, walking... There are many alternatives for separating from our old habits of using motors. For those who have no choice but to take the car to get around, today there are some great ride sharing apps.




What if we gave things a second life? Not easy for humans to return to more basic modes of consumption, based on recovery, repair, upcycling, second hand... And yet, minds are changing and more and more people are making the decision to favor second-hand purchases to fight against overconsumption (and get good business). Vinted, Leboncoin, Vestiaire Collective, vintage shops... There are now several sites and selling points that offer fashion or decorative pieces at prices that are very competitive. Better still, it has even become a real trend! With La Maison de la Maille, you can opt for our range of eco-friendly and innovative recycled cashmere, sourced from upcycled knits. The cashmere fiber is regenerated both by giving a second life to "post-consumer" products, and by using unused "pre-consumer" scraps from yarn and knit losses from other workshops. The entire production process is designed to reduce water and energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions!




Let's talk about the water. Stopping running it while brushing your teeth would save up to 24 liters of water per day. All is said. Here too, these are some small reflexes to adopt on a daily basis to participate in the collective effort and save our planet. We can turn off the water when we soap, when we scrub the dishes with a sponge, when we shave, and we make sure that there are no small leaks at home (a leaky tap represents a loss of 4 liters per hour or about 200 euros per year)...




Who says consuming organic says consuming green. Indeed, when a product is certified organic, this means that its cultivation is made without pesticides, without GMOs and without additives such as colorings and flavor enhancers. Not to mention that beyond saving our planet is also a habit of maintaining good health. If for a long time it was almost impossible to consume organic without breaking your House Savings Plan, the offer is now much wider. There are many specialized brands and dedicated shelves in all traditional supermarkets.


9 - SORT

We shouldn't even have to say it anymore, but: let's sort it out! Plastic and packaging in the yellow bin, glass in the white or in the container provided for this purpose and other waste in the green. It's the minimum.



Because two savvy people are better than one, don't hesitate to spread the word (and share this article) so that those around you can adopt the right reflexes too. Teaching adults mean taking the risk of appearing to be the heavy-duty or the cliché green activist, but above all it is to continue conveying a message that brings hope (let's not lose hope!) by becoming obvious to everyone. So let's be heavy, let's be passionate, let's be green, and let's show a good example.

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