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In 2010, when Gaëlle Constantini made the bet to create her own brand of female ready-to-wear under the prism of eco-responsibility, the universe of ethical clothing still had the label of a niche sector and was more praised by green activists than by the trendy sphere.


It took the stylist many sacrifices to prove that a brand could be successful while respecting the planet. With her unwavering will, Gaëlle never stopped moving around the "fast-fashion" codes by competing in inventiveness and creativity. From upcycling vintage sweaters to the design of pieces from the curtains of the Senate, Gaëlle will stop at nothing to show that a new way of creating and consuming is not only possible but saving.


If Gaëlle Constantini ranks among the brands of female ready-to-wear, her pieces are unique in that they have the character of couture creations. Minimalist but recognizable, the designer’s Made in France collections have nothing to envy to the big Maisons. Noble materials, clean lines and character in each of the models, are the watchwords of Gaëlle who has managed to make a real place in the closed circle of fashion, especially thanks to the success of her latest shows.


As eco-responsibility was a way of life for Gaëlle Constantini before it even became a global concern, the noble values ​​of the stylist are not limited to preserving the environment. Investing 200% to save our planet, it is also committed to helping people in need. It was this commitment that gave her the idea of ​​entrusting production to reintegration workshops that offer work to the most disadvantaged. The best way also to create a bridge between disadvantaged social circles and a fashion that they did not have A social approach that La Maison de la Maille also takes to heart and which it supports by entrusting the production of its cotton bags to Kalistâ, an establishment providing assistance through work that supports people with disabilities.


Thanks to their common liking for quality and traceability, a nice story was born between the designer and La Maison de la Maille. Partners on several events, it was natural for the two brands to unite their universes and to communicate together on the possibility to make luxury products, without ever losing sight of today's issues; linked to the environment, but also linked to quality. With the same fervour, La Maison de la Maille joins Gaëlle in its desire to favour noble materials, to not neglect working conditions and to make every effort to respect the environment and animals as much as possible. A philosophy shared by the two brands and which should soon give birth to new and pretty projects ...

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Written by Laura Isaaz

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