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The message on this beautiful wool blanket is a French play on words that says "De la laine à l'amour, il n'y a qu'un plaid" which means "From wool to love, there's only one throw".

It draws inspiration from the French proverb "De l'amour à la haine il n'y a qu'un pas," which translates to "There's only one step from love to hate."

In the original proverb, "De l'amour à la haine il n'y a qu'un pas," the idea conveyed is that emotions can change rapidly, with love easily turning into hatred or vice versa.

Now, when we look at the altered phrase, "De la laine à l'amour il n'y a qu'un plaid," it maintains a similar structure and rhythm but replaces "haine" (hate) with "plaid" (throw/blanket). This wordplay creates a lighthearted twist on the original saying, suggesting that the transition from wool (a material known for its warmth and comfort) to love is as simple as owning this throw.

In essence, it humorously implies that a cozy blanket can bring warmth and affection, just as easily as emotions can change.

Comfort, warmth, and love can be found in the simplest and coziest of things, like a wool blanket. It adds a touch of humor and charm to the sentiment.

This beautiful piece is the result of a collaboration between La Maison de la Maille and Timothée Letourneux, an unclassifiable artist in contemporary and subversive calligraphy.

It stands out as a new masterpiece in the world of artistic crafts and interior design, intended as much for collectors of exceptional objects as for lovers of comfy evenings.

Knitted in France with merino wool, every detail of this throw is a celebration of exceptional local craftsmanship, and is of course manufactured - like all the house's products - in an ecological, sustainable and responsible in the workshops of La Maison de la Maille.

This artistic collaboration is distinguished from other La Maison products by its words "From wool to love, there is only one blanket" highlighting Timothée's enchanting calligraphy. This new original adage is elegantly punctuated by the official signature of the calligrapher: “Titou”.

It carries a joyful message that announces a myriad of magical and loving moments and is the perfect gift to declare your love.

The artist:

Timothée Letourneux is a calligrapher whose humor - provocative to say the least - can only be compared to the brilliance of his talent for calligraphy. A free thinker, he handles the pen with as much dexterity as he handles second degree humor. An artist at heart, he hides his deeply kind character behind deliberately ribald messages, creating a balance that is both satisfying and funny between the beauty and gentleness of his writing, and the subversive and provocative indecency of his words.

He is one of those virtuosos that everyone is unavowably proud to introduce to their friends, and that the most creative and daring brands are already soliciting, from Moleskine to La Maison de la Maille. With more than 100,000 subscribers on Instagram and TikTok, his calligraphy videos regularly exceed millions of views. You can discover his world on or on

Throw "De la laine à l'Amour" - Cream / Light beige - On demand


    Made on demand in France.


    Material: 100% extra-fine merino wool

    Size: Single 130 x 170 cm (+/- 10%)

    Knit: Double-sided Jacquard Jersey

    Weight: Approximately 1 kg

    Density: 490 gr/m2

  • CARE

    Machine wash, 30ºC (86°F) delicate cycle.


    Wool blanket delivered in an organic and fair trade cotton bag, woven and sewn in France.

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