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To give an even more complete offer and above all to avoid waste as much as possible, La Maison de la Maille presents its latest innovation: a line of upcycled cushions. They are beautiful, they are comfortable, they are eco-friendly and will be a real plus in your decor.

We tell you more in this article below.




It’s not so much the latest news to dish about, La Maison de la Maille attaches particular importance to the environment. A value that pushes the brand to apply itself to find new techniques and thus continue to create its parts while respecting a zero waste policy. It was in this process, to avoid waste, that the house came up with the idea of recovering production gaps to make upcycled cushions. Strong.


Always with the desire to enhance everything that can be used in the material’s composition, the interior of the cushions is created from painted sheep wool. Marked with indelible ink, (herds are traditionally painted with a distinctive sign and color specific to each breeder) it is usually unusable and is doomed to be thrown away. But La Maison de la Maille does not see it that way. Combined with synthetic fiber recovered from textile production, painted wool has found its place in the mixture that forms the filling of the cushions. A combo that works wonderfully so it's not waisted at the bottom of the trash.


What’s a production gap?


This is what products (throws and shawls in our case) that haven’t passed all quality checks are called. It is good to know that a single micro defect, for example a very tiny knot, is enough to rule it out of production.




Nothing new under the sun in terms of philosophy. La Maison de la Maille continues to create pieces with keeping in mind its love of prestige and its desire to offer its customers exceptional products. And the line of cushions is no exception.


Made from scraps of throws and shawls that have not been rated as *flawless* after quality testing, the cushions (made only with the parts that are free of defects) are of a quality equal to other pieces of the brand. Created with a local manufacturer, the cushions are also each unique (or almost) since they are made from production gaps and therefore with very limited quantities of material for each model. A concrete argument so that you don't have to ask yourself a thousand questions before putting one (or more) in your basket. The cushions that are available today may not be the cushions available tomorrow.

The little extra? The cushion’s cover is not removable but the cushion is machine washable!

Discover them now on our e-shop.

Written by Laura Isaaz

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