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5 original ways to use a shawl

For decades, the shawl has had an outdated, almost old-fashioned image. An iconic piece propelled into oblivion referring it to the role of an anti-cold ally that covered the shoulders of our elders by the fireside. It is without question that La Maison de la Maille rein vents the classic sand, proud to perpetuate French know-how, craftsmanship and elegance, it launches its Le Petit Châle Noir. A timeless creation which, beyond its luxurious composition in Merino wool yarn and its intense black, gives the shawl a resolutely modern dimension. News of the day? There are different ways to use it, wear it, and you probably never even thought about it.




Well. Let's start with the obvious. Of all its possible uses, this is quite possibly the most obvious for everyone. Even though it is much larger than a scarf, the shawl is loved for its oversized size, its thermoregulatory power, and is often worn the same, around the neck or casually wrapped around the shoulders. Both women and men.




This is undoubtedly one of its unsuspected uses. With these perfect dimensions, 2m long and 80cm wide, the shawl is the ideal ally to slip into the baby bag and be placed on the stroller in the event of a light breeze, on the grass (or elsewhere in the evening) to lay baby on it or even to preserve some privacy in the event of breastfeeding in a frequented place.




No, the shawl is not reserved for tea/knitting/fireplace evenings in a farmhouse deep in Perche. If it is elegant, as is the case with La Maison de la Maille, it can easily be worn on the shoulders over a formal dress. Chic, understated, easy to carry and irresistibly soft, it is ultimately much more appropriate than a jacket or even a cardigan.




Even though La Maison de la Maille offers sublime plaids (don’t we), Le Petit Châle Noir can also be used as such if necessary. A little narrower than the traditional blanket, however, it is large enough to lay over your knees for a chilly evening or on the grass for an impromptu picnic.




As what? As a skirt! It's a dare that has only been seen on the runway for the moment, but La Maison de la Maille does not give up hope that it will soon be a must-have trend for fashionistas around the world. Folded in half and tied around the waist, the shawl can turn out to be a beautiful wool skirt. Over a pair of opaque tights and with pretty lace-up boots, the shawl may have truly earned its status as the Swiss Army knife of the year.

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