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The history of the shawl

The shawl is not only the fashion accessory that we put on our shoulders to enhance our outfits,

it was invented several centuries ago and its history is much richer than you could imagine.
Its birth in antiquity, its various origins, its symbols, its peculiarities... We’ll tell you everything.

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Larger than a scarf or scarf whose mission is primarily to keep your neck and neckline warm, the shawl (which is a large rectangular piece of fabric) is really meant to cover your shoulders. Be sides, unlike the scarf, it is not only used for its anti-cold functions. It is in many cultures (especially in Asia and India) considered a garment in its own right.




It is the Hindi, Persian language, and the word shâl which is at the origin of the shawl which became the definitive term around 1860 after having been also chal or chaale. The exact translation is not easy to find, but it is the aesthetic description of the piece. Large fabric or wool material intended to cover/hide certain areas of the body.




Here again, the origins of the shawl seem to be numerous and it is not easy to know exactly which country started the trend.It was in Antiquity that it began to be very widespread in Central and West Asia, but also in India. It would appear that the shawl had its beginnings of glory in these lands before gradually reaching Europe after the migration of Roma from Northwest India and the Iranian plateau. In Russia, Egypt, Ethiopia... The shawl as a large piece of fabric that covers the body is finally present almost everywhere in the world.



Today, the shawl as we imagine "us”, Westerners rocked by stylistic injunctions, is making a high-quality hype comeback. It is for this reason that La Maison de la Maille has created prestigious wool shawls with a timeless design in addition to its already existing line of shawls. They are worn on the shoulders over a dress, sweater, shirt or even a coat. They can also be rolled up to transform into an XXL scarf... Available in sober and plain colors, the La Maison de la Maille shawl is perfect to pair with any of your outfits. The extra? Ultra light, it slips into any bag to accompany you in all circumstances. If that’s not just perfect.

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