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Rather than the Marvelous Throw, we could have called it The Impossible Throw.

This project has been an enormous achievement and is the realization of major ecological, ethical, and human ambitions. Le Plaid Merveilleux is an absolutely wonderful throw that is the culmination of all our know-how in the production of responsible luxury products. The new collection from La Maison de la Maille sets the highest standards for local production, traceability, and above all, exceptional quality. Le Plaid Merveilleux has quickly become the must-have, eco-friendly, luxury accessory. It is certainly marvelous – and much more besides.

Let’s find out more.




These are our company watchwords.

After two years of tireless work and extensive research, La Maison de la Maille has created Le Plaid Merveilleux – unique, handcrafted, natural, made in France – this sublime throw exemplifies everything that is good about our enterprise. 


The original concept? Well, we wanted to create an exceptional product in a small run (just 50 pieces in the first year), with complete traceability. That means a single throw from a single fleece. For such an important project, La Maison de la Maille has selected the very best French alpaca breeders and established a completely new sector in France: the high-quality alpaca wool sector.

After an alpaca is sheared and the wool is carefully sorted, the fleece weighs up to 1.5 kg, enough to make a marvelous throw. Le Plaid Merveilleux, in fact.​

“As each fleece is different from one alpaca to the next, each piece is unique. A throw may be larger or smaller, the shade lighter or darker, and each throw has its unique texture depending on the alpaca. As with humans, it’s the genetics that matters,” explains Charlotte, founder of La Maison de la Maille.​

​So this was our innovative, inspirational idea: one throw from one alpaca.



Our partnerships for this project include an expert Breton spinning mill and a brand-new knitting studio that already works with the most prestigious luxury brands such as Hermès and Chanel. The result is that La Maison de la Maille is now, more than ever, a key player in the luxury craft sector.

But what shines through with Le Plaid Merveilleux is its natural ethos.

La Maison de la Maille keeps everything local too, using French alpaca farms and spinning facilities, taking full advantage of local skills. But the approach does not stop there.

We are proud of our relationships with the different actors in the manufacturing process of our exquisite alpaca wool throws, relationships that are based on sharing and trust. We only select farms renowned for the very high quality of their wool, shorn from animals reared in the heart of the countryside. 

Completely natural, Le Plaid Merveilleux is not subjected to chemical processes during its creation. No treatments, no dyes, just a soft soap wash. Be assured that the fibers retain their natural qualities, from shearing right through until our marvelous throw enhances your sofa.

Le Plaid Merveilleux boasts a knit with a totally unique texture. We have developed a knitting technique and product that allows us to capitalize on the superb qualities of alpaca wool. The result is absolutely beautiful, the knit is a little more open, with coloring that is faithful to the original alpaca and a natural thickness that gives it a soft and irresistibly comfortable feel.”



But it stays on the farm!

Once again, La Maison de la Maille offers something revolutionary: choose your alpaca and follow the whole process through to the finished product. We show you exactly how your alpaca is raised and looked after on the farm and give you a wonderful insight into the exceptional, unique character of your throw. Every alpaca has a name and its fleece is identified and kept separate so that a single fleece produces a single throw. Sweet.​

Undyed and untreated, each throw conveys the original color of your chosen alpaca and the texture of its fleece.



Because there is no success story without women, behind le Plaid Merveilleux is a 100% female team (well, there is FX – but he is so feminist that we like to count him as a woman). Whether it is rearing the alpacas, spinning the wool or the bustle of the knitting workshop, women are at the heart of this project. And that explains the refinement and prestige of the product.

Written by Laura Isaaz

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