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What could be sweeter than a throw to spoil your granny ? Because it’s never easy to find a gift that is both practical and enjoyable, you may never even have thought about buying a gift for grandmother’s day before. But it’s not too late; there is still time for you to mark the occasion with a gift that both her body and soul will love. 

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Quality is the key criterion. And while a considerable number of brands continue to sell themselves as top of the range without paying particular attention to the quality of their products, here at La Maison de la Maille a luxury product is also primarily one that stands the test of time, both in terms of its style and its durability. We are only too aware here that anyone who buys a throw from us is having to allocate a sizeable budget to do so, but we also think that this price is the price of sustainability. An attractive throw that you can hand down from generation to generation. 




Another important point in your quest to dig up the perfect gift is the know-how. This is a subject to which our elders are more sensitive than us, even though the younger generations have understood the importance of the handicraft industry and passing on traditional occupations. Technique, quality, passion, training and expertise: all essential factors that today play a decisive role in the final prestige of the product. Here at La Maison de la Maille, several trades combine their know-how and continue to fine-tune it to offer their customers items that continually surpass each other in excellence. 




Always very mindful of its ethical commitments and the desire to do things as transparently as possible, La Maison de la Maille is constantly looking to improve its human and environmental commitments, but also its commitment towards animals. It is a staunch defender of fair, transparent and sustainable manufacture. Made in France manufacture, quality woolen products, certified producers, good treatment of animals in livestock farming, a social commitment to promote reintegration, and so on. These are ideological and ecological convictions that the Maison also considers economic principles because it is convinced that, in the long term, only responsible, reasoned, transparent and ethical processes will be acceptable to consumers and therefore profitable. That’s what we believe. 




Normally, if you have read every word of this text written by our silver-tongued scribe Laura and you have a little more money in your account than she does, you will be rushing to your keyboard to make a few clicks and buy a La Maison de la Maille throw, the perfect gift to celebrate our grandmothers. 

Written by Laura Isaaz

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