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We recently introduced you to Hélène Daret, Marketing Manager at Refashion, on this blog. She used her professional expertise to scrutinize La Maison de la Maille and concluded that the house has made a sincere commitment to eco-responsible initiatives: “La Maison de la Maille imposes control over its products right from the design stage, making sure that they have very little impact on the environment.” Reducing waste, improving transparency for consumers, designing sustainable products and respecting humans and animals throughout the production process – this is the route that La Maison de la Maille has chosen.



A key issue for La Maison de la Maille since the brand was launched has been reducing waste as much as possible during production processes. As the Maison’s teams work tirelessly to meet this corporate commitment, La Maison de la Maille has taken on the challenge of creating an entirely ethical product: Le Plaid Merveilleux. One alpaca = one fleece = one throw. This innovative concept assures 100% traceability and also has the merit of generating little or no waste. And if there is waste, it is used to stuff cushions in the house's workshops. 


One of the house's main objectives is to ensure complete transparency for its clients. The concept is to be completely open about the production cycle, the procedures used, the locations of the animals and the service providers, most of whom are local. La Maison de la Maille lists all foreign partners with which it works on its website and emphasizes that partners are carefully chosen according to sound ethical criteria.




In addition to La Maison de la Maille’s many environmental undertakings, the brand is also very committed to social issues. Proof of this comes from the house's dedication from the start to ensuring an inclusive workforce and facilitating retraining. A specific example is the close cooperation in the manufacture of canvas bags with the Kalistâ ESAT (a French disability employment establishment operating under the auspices of the APAJH 72-53 association). This process is overseen by the ESAT disability workshop run by Patricia, a seamstress and all-round beautiful person. In the summer she said: “The aim of ESAT workshops is to help people deal with their difficulties and illnesses through work. My job is to assist them to gain the recognition that they need to make progress on a daily basis. We are not an industry, and I adapt to individuals’ rhythms. Repetition is the way to allow people to really take on board instructions and understand processes. Get this right and they have a great deal of autonomy and do a fantastic job.” 



This goes without saying. But we have to stress the point because unfortunately not all companies that work with animals respect their well-being. At La Maison de la Maille, it’s more than an obligation, it’s an absolute necessity. A necessity to know that the animals are happy, fulfilled and loved. Because we adore them. I have been saying “we” since the start, but I am speaking personally to tell you that I visited Le Clos Tranquille alpaca farm a few months ago and witnessed the respect for the animals with my own eyes. Initially there were just six alpacas, but now there are forty; the Clos Tranquille herd has grown as new animals have been born and purchased. Axelle knows all their names and characteristics, their strengths and weaknesses. She cares for them, feeds them, and helps them give birth. She loves them, and if all human beings could be loved like this, the world, believe me, would be a much better place. Axelle only has eyes for her alpacas.



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