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We love to talk about the alpacas behind the luxury throws we make at La Maison de la Maille. In fact, we have discussed our animal friends at great length; their characters, their habits,how they are sheared. So now we thought it would be good to tell you about their home, the farm.




After working in the equestrian world, Axelle Duval became interested in alpacas. Upon getting to know these wonderful animals and receiving the support of other alpaca farmers, Axelle took the plunge and started her own herd in 2017. Initially located in Maine-et-Loire, Axelle moved to larger premises in Clermont-Créans in 2019. The farm is now home to over forty alpacas, all raised in optimum conditions, with love, passion, and a real desire to see them flourish in the best environment possible.





As you have doubtless heard from us before, there are many values that are important to us at La Maison de la Maille but the utmost is quality. In our ceaseless quest for quality, we have sought out the best partners to support us in creating our pieces. What’s in our creative pipeline? Le Plaid Merveilleux.


As recently announced, after two years of hard work and comprehensive research, La Maison de la Maille is launching Plaid Merveilleux. Sublime, natural, unique, handcrafted, made in France ... and what more? The concept is to create an exceptional product in a small run (ahundred pieces) and to ensure absolute traceability by making a single throw from a single fleece.


A beautiful idea alone is not enough to make beautiful things; we also need our camelid friends. The very best camelids in fact – well-treated, happy, thriving, lively alpacas. This is where Le Clos Tranquille comes in, a farm that we love both for the fineness of the wool it produces and the way in which it cares for its animals. This is intrinsic to Axelle’s approach; her alpacas mean the world to her, and she does everything to make them as happy as possible. Great care is taken over the alpacas' feed, the shearing, their enclosures and keeping the animals cool in hot weather. The number of alpacas is limited so that each can receive optimum care. Nothing is left to chance; a visit to the farm clearly shows that, beyond the business side, there is an enormous amount of dedication behind the farm's walls and fences.

This was planned as a simple article on the alpaca farm. So we will now leave Le Clos Tranquille, with, as the name suggests, a feeling of tranquility.

Written by Laura Isaaz


Parce que La Maison de la Maille ne s’arrête jamais de vouloir aller toujours plus loin dans la création d’exception, la marque lance le dimanche 4 juillet  sa nouveauté : le Plaid Merveilleux. Encore plus luxueux que les précédents produits, il s’impose comme l’indispensable déco luxe et écolo. Merveilleux et bien plus encore.

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Where is he from ? What is he doing ? How is his fleece? Is he nice, clean and sociable? We have closely studied the different characteristics of the alpaca in order to tell you a little more about this animal species still relatively unknown in Europe. Since its fiber is widely used in the manufacture of our La Maison de la Maille products, it seemed essential to us to highlight the 10 most important (and no doubt surprising) traits of its personality.

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