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Ho ho ho. It’s the time of year all of you, or almost all of you, have been waiting for: Christmas and its end-of-year festivities that take us further away from the start of the school year and bring us gradually closer to the summer. Gradually. And because this period can’t be appreciated fully without a few days spent watching films round an open fire with a throw across your feet - a La Maison de la Maille throw, naturally – we have concocted a non-exhaustive list of the masterpieces (or not) for you to watch and re-watch without further ado.

8 films de Noël cultes à regarder pendant les vacances_Plaid_Laine_Mérinos_Bleu.jpg



Don’t tell me this is a lousy film or I promise I will transform into the most evil being you will ever meet in your life. It is THE most accomplished romantic film of the last twenty years. The perfect combination of humor, passion, reawakening and above all a film of great sensitivity that points out the importance of knowing how to change your outlook on life to see the good in people. It has everything. And Jude Law in particular.


If you haven’t seen it yet, it means you are either younger than ten or you have been living in a cave for the last twenty years painting pictures on the walls with mud. More than just a cult film, “Santa Claus is a Stinker” could almost have Unesco world heritage status. This lovely concentrated juice of crude jokes and jovial hysteria has become an essential feature of the holidays. Félix, Zézette, Thérèse and all the rest; we never get tired of them.


In the cult family, my choice would be Love Actually. Because miracles like this only come along every fifteen years. All the characters in this tale of the ups and downs of love make us dream and nothing is left to chance. The sets, the dialogue, the music and the screenplay all combine to make this a very good film hiding behind a romantic Christmas comedy. And also the proof that Hugh Grant dances better than any one.


They ski and they also make us laugh. This gem of a French comedy is something you don’t see very often these days. Those were the days… The idea of a group of mates meeting up for a winter sports break is a very promising one and laughter is guaranteed. The humor has aged and so has the image, but checking out the exploits of the suntanned crew remains a genuine pleasure. So hop onto your sofa with a throw from La Maison de la Maille over your feet. You’ve got a throw, and you’ve got feet? So you’ve got a throw on your feet. Yeah, not awesome.


The Grinch is the story of an old grouch with a monstrous appearance (but extremely well done) with long green hair and a furrowed brow. He lives the life of a hermit in his cave and is the worst nightmare of all the village’s inhabitants, whose love for Christmas is unfailing; his dream is to scuttle the magic of the holidays. A real pain. Fortunately, Cindy Lou, a little girl with a karaoke singer’s name, goes off to find him and changes his life.


A shame he missed the plane. Or maybe not, because this somewhat worn anecdote gives us a film that was compulsory viewing for any child born between 1985 and 2000. Though he excels at bad behavior, Max is not lacking in get up and go, and when it comes to protecting the family heritage when he is left home alone at the tender age of 10 (don’t forget that this is fiction, eh?), he fearlessly calls on all his inventiveness to chase off the two idiotic villains. A cult amongst cults.


She is sweet and, for the first time in an American film, is a woman who looks like “one of us”. One who eats fat and sugar, who puts on the wrong knickers for a first date, who doesn’t check all the boxes of a glamorous sex-bomb but becomes one because she is so genuine. And a special mention for Marc Darcy’s reindeer jumper.


I haven’t seen it. They freak me out and look too much like my Chihuahua Claude. But it seems to be popular and has its place on the list of cult Christmas films, so what are you waiting for?

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