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What could be more relaxing than spending time by the sea, watching the waves come and go, and admiring a beautiful recycled wool blanket from La Maison de la Maille? Whether it's to help you focus, revise, or decide on your next gift, enjoy this hour of relaxation with us. Video filmed in France, on the beach of Hardelot, in the department of Pas-de-Calais in the Hauts-de-France region.


The plaid presented is a recycled wool blanket, entirely made in France, from our Signature collection.


This recycled wool range is knitted in France from an ecological and innovative French yarn, produced by recycling unused scraps from European workshops. Thanks to its double-sided knit, this throw will surprise you with its two-tone effect, while guaranteeing you the softness of a firm and dense comfort. Very resistant, it will find its place inside and outside.

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We recently introduced you to Hélène Daret, Marketing Manager at Refashion, on this blog. She used her professional expertise to scrutinize La Maison de la Maille and concluded that the house has made a sincere commitment to eco-responsible initiatives: “La Maison de la Maille imposes control over its products right from the design stage, making sure that they have very little impact on the environment.” Reducing waste, improving transparency for consumers, designing sustainable products and respecting humans and animals throughout the production process – this is the route that La Maison de la Maille has chosen.

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What is a sustainable brand?

Sustainable. It is a bit of the buzzword of the moment, the one that many brands use and abuse, one that looks good next to the name, one that attests to a certain ethic, especially ecological. Everything related to the good care of the planet is on the rise and it has become more than urgent for brands today to review their habits to minimize their environmental impact. Sustainable, Responsible, okay, but what does that mean? And who really is?

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