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Laugh, laugh. But in the meantime you continue to underestimate the power of the throw on life, your life. This object of pleasure left in the closet for too long is, in fact, far more essential to your happiness than it seems. Yes. And while we have often praised its benefits for individual use here, we never took the time to talk to you about the importance of having a throw when you're a couple. True subject.

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It's cold outside (or not for that matter), lazy to go to a restaurant or the movies (lol), so you decide to stay at home to spend a little romantic evening in front of a bowl of Monster Munch (you can have something else it's just that I love it) and a good Netflix series… BUT, but, but, it starts to get chilly after a while on the couch! Good news, with a La Maison de la Maille throw at home, it won't happen to you. Large enough to cover her and him (him and him/her and her) and imagined in prestigious yarns, it is sure to make your sofa evenings divine (easy that one).




Honey, did you think about the tablecloth?

Arf. And that’s how the picnic that was to be an enchanted break turned into a fight. Butts in the wet grass and the postponed nap. An annoying situation that would not have happened if a La Maison de la Maille blanket (which does not take up space and can be carried everywhere, all the time) had been rolled in the bag.

Oh, no tablecloth, but I have the throw!




What could be more romantic than a walk in the moonlight? Close your eyes and imagine this scene from "Love at first sight in Notting Hill" when Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant climb the gate of a private garden on Rosmead Road to sit on a bench. Well, I think we'll all agree that at this point in time there is only one piece missing: a La Maison de la Maille blanket. The perfect ally to spend hours and hours under a starry sky.




It’s a summer evening at the end of August, you’re with friends in their garden and enjoying those evenings that never end. You laugh, you dance, and then all of a sudden the chill of the night catches you in midair and ruins the moment for you (you haven't taken a jacket beforehand, obviously). It is at this moment that your darling takes out of the bag… ta ta da… a La Maison de la Maille throw (we surprised you there, right?). Hop, it ends up on your shoulders with a wave and the evening can continue. It's beautiful.




To hell with perfumes and jewelry (fine, not jewelry), the idea of offering a La Maison de la Maille blanket will make you delicate and refined. Without doubt. Because it’s beautiful, it’s chic, it’s practical, it’s timeless, it’s soft, it’s warm. Because it’s the perfect gift. Because you will have asked us to embroider his/her initials (or yours) so that they will never forget.

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We cannot say it enough; treating yourself to (or offering) a La Maison de la Maille blanket can only be a good idea. Considered to be a truly prestigious piece, its high-end positioning is immediately apparent, from the moment you have the happiness of having it on your shoulders. High quality, soft, practical, timeless… Here are 10 good reasons to be tempted to purchase a La Maison de la Maille throw.

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