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alpaca fibres, their benefits observed by Professor Fabrice denis

Passionate about alpacas and friend of the House, Professor Fabrice Denis gives us some secrets on the natural virtues of the fibers of our favorite camelids, from a medical point of view.



Alpaca wool has been studied to define its characteristics because preliminary data suggest extremely interesting properties. 

1# The most surprising characteristic is probably its anti-bacteriological (bacteriostatic) effect. This wool seems to make it extremely difficult for bacteria to multiply. In addition to the obvious hygiene benefits, this leads to a second effect – a reduction in sweat-related odors in clothing. Sweat encourages the proliferation of these bacteria, Alpaca fiber seems to reduce this. 

2# Alpaca wool seems to be hypoallergenic, in other words causing fewer skin allergies compared to other types of wool. Lanolin, which can cause these skin reactions, is nonexistent. 

3# It is non-irritant and can therefore be worn by everyone, which is quite rare for wool.

4# The thermal properties are interesting because the data suggest that this wool retains heat between five to seven times more effectively than sheep’s wool. This means that a thickness of 2 mm would have the same heat retention effect as 10 mm-thick sheep’s wool. 

5# Alpaca wool’s breathability or permeability is interesting because heat and moisture exchanges are favorable so that — unlike a waterproof material (which keeps you warm but traps body moisture and causes additional sweating) — you stay warm without excess sweating. Thus, these air circulation properties make it possible to play sports with an Alpaca wool textile.

6# Last but not least, it is biodegradable, not very flammable, and produces little static electricity.

Article written by Professor Fabrice DENIS MD,PhD

Oncology Radiotherapy

E-health/AI Faculty of Health - University of Paris

e-PRO's task force (European Society of Medical Oncology)

Jean Bernard Inter-Regional Cancer Institute

9 rue Beauverger

72000 Le Mans



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