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LA MAISON DE LA MAILLE AND domaine de champagne BONNET

More inspired and inspiring than ever, La Maison de la Maille continues to set itself challenges by launching new collaborations aon a regular basis with houses and places that are akin to it. After its most recent joint creation in partnership with the Ceysson & Bénetière gallery, now it’s the turn of the Domaine de Champagne Alexandre Bonnet to team up with La Maison de la Maille in a prestigious and original project. We talk to Arnaud Fabre, president of the Domaine and lover of all things beautiful.




AF. We have put our heads together with La Maison de la Maille to design a throw (or a travel blanket, which is another description I like a lot because it tells you how very versatile it is) in the colors of the Domaine de Champagne Alexandre Bonnet and in tune with our values that brook no compromise.



AF. It looks like us in a way, and that was important to me. We decided to start off with neutral, natural, colors that represent the image of our brand and evoke the privileged and rich environment that surrounds the estate. The ochre of the limestone, the color of the pines, the vineyards, the fields and the great diversity of landscapes that unfurl before us. The throw is an off white - zinc color with a large Domaine Alexandre Bonnet monogram in the center. Classical but not mundane.



AF. Why not? Because we share the same values. We love local craftsmanship, know-how, quality and nature. La Maison de la Maille's products are infinitely noble, made with passion and respect. The throw we have designed together is made of recycled wool from offcuts that are not used in the manufacture of sweaters. La Maison de la Maille’s whole environmentally-friendly approach complies in all aspects with the CSR directives that we have been implementing for years at Alexandre Bonnet. For example, we have been planting trees around our vineyards for twenty years. This collaboration was the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful item while respecting our system of values.


AF. To begin with, at least, the idea is not to put the throw. It was important for me as President, and as is customary, to thank the Domaine Alexandre Bonnet’s most important partners by offering them a meaningful gift. I think we have checked all the boxes with this lovely creation: it’s a timeless, chic and prestigious piece, and above all is not inconsistent with a luxury wine like champagne that we like to enjoy in pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

And while we are on the subject, we are going to leave two throws in our Tiny House for guests to cozy up with when they visit our vineyards, with a glass of champagne in hand. In the not too distant future, however, we are thinking of selling some items from this collaboration to the public in the Domaine reception area. Stay tuned…

Article écrit par Laura Isaaz


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