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The 6 best occasions to gift A blanket.

What could be more thrilling than spoiling the people you love (or not necessarily) with a gift that breaks the mold but is useful all the same. In this category, as in so many others, La Maison de la Maille has established itself as a reference brand. Particularly with its luxury made-in-France blankets that check all the boxes for the perfect gift. “Yes”, we hear you say, “but for whom and when?”. Here we share with you the best occasions to gift a lovely blanket.



This is perhaps the most obvious occasion. If you or any of your close married friends are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary, the purchase of a prestige blanket straight out of La Maison de la Maille workshops looks like the ideal top-of-the-range gift.


This is a decorative/comfort/luxury purchase that we don’t necessarily put at the top of the list when moving house, and that’s a real shame. Don’t think twice about being the well-wishing friend who’s happy to smash the piggy bank (on your own or with others) to offer a La Maison de la Maille blanket as a gift. It will find its place as a throw on the arm of the sofa for those cold winter evenings or at the bottom of the bed to brighten up the room (and keep your feet warm at the same time).


Whether or not you think it’s a commercial invention, in the end it’s a celebration that many people consider important. Are you somebody who wants to offer a gift and at the same time show a little originality? Bingo. Only La Maison de la Maille has what you want. Forget about scarves and jewels and invest in a quality woolen blanket. The perfect gift for the many hours you will spend together curled up on the sofa.


Because it is a gift that transcends generations, an alpaca wool throw is a marvelous idea to spoil both the parents and the new arrival. Fold it up and take it with you in your baby-changing bag as a stylish ally to spread on the grass for baby to lie on, to cover up Mom when breastfeeding (for women who prefer to do this discreetly – no judgment here on our part), to keep baby warm in the stroller when it gets windy, and so on. You get the picture, the possibilities are endless.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the time of year when gifts come raining in but ideas are often lacking. If you are hunting for an ethical, useful and esthetic item, we have just what you need in stock. A blanket slipped under the tree checks all the right boxes and there is no better season than winter to enjoy one to the full.


Of course, we’re not talking about the more traditional globetrotters, we’re thinking more of keen travelers who prefer chic rather than shock destinations. Rolled up in your backpack or overnight bag, a blanket takes up little space but proves to be a staunch ally against the cold. Ideal, for example, for a ramble in Scotland or Iceland, an evening in a nature park or sitting on a clifftop watching the sunset or the northern lights… Close your eyes, and you could almost be there.

Article written by Laura Isaaz


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