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In the wonderful world of wool, there are many different categories. La Maison de la Maille works with Baby Alpaca wool, Merino wool and eco-designed wool. We will focus on this last one today, a recycled material that has many advantages and that is part of the ethical dynamic that La Maison de la Maille is keen to represent.



Eco-designed wool is a responsible wool made from 100% recycled fibers: 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyamide and 5% other recycled fibers. Recycled wool is created from a manufacturing process that today can only be found in a few spinning mills. Hosiery scraps and “cutting waste” from the production of the most important French knitters are recovered in order to be worked and reworked endlessly and in a closed loop to create new mixtures of material sand make them available for creation of eco-responsible products.


Equally resistant and of a quality similar to new fibers, recycled wool yarns are recognized for obtaining unbeatable results in tests of resistance to breakage, friction but also in tests of elongation, abrasion and pilling.

The manufacture of recycled wool also makes it possible to limit the excessive production of material and therefore the significant use of water and energy. Whether it is about its composition or the resources that its creation requires, the ecological thread stands out as a true innovation for ecology and the circular economy.

La Maison de la Maille works in close collaboration with Les Filatures du Parc.Located in theTarn region, they are home to a unique recycling process that recovers scraps of new knit wear from knitting workshops to make recycled wool. A concept unique in the world which in no way affects the quality of the yarns and which promises a sweet prospect for the knitting trades wishing to move towards more responsible fashion: One of the main objectives of La Maison de la Maille.


All the products of the house are imagined in natural or eco-designed wools to be faithful to the values of the brand. Always with this desire to create timeless pieces, La Maison de la Maille emphasizes the quality of its pieces while respecting a transparent manufacturing process that takes care of the planet but also of animals in farms.

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