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Our upcycled cushions prove to be an exceptional piece, which will complete your interior decoration: the elegant and soft accessory that you can combine according to your desires.


Fully made in France, from materials destined to disappear, each of our upcycled cushion is unique:


> The outside of your cushion is made from a plaid or shawl that has not successfully passed one of our quality controls. Our team has conscientiously taken care to avoid areas with a possible defect, to only extract a perfect knitted piece.


> Its lining is made of an extra-resistant fabric, woven in France from organic and fair-trade African cotton. Second choice length, its small imperfections will hide inside the envelope. It will take care of the outfit and prevent your ear from a small fiber tickle while napping.


> For optimal comfort between firmness and voluptuousness, our cushions are padded with 260 grams of painted sheep wool, not usable in spinning, associated to 200 grams of new synthetic fibers, from textile production waste. The combination of these two fibers promises you generous bulk, unrivaled softness and durable quality.


In a unique size of 45 x 45 cm, this small piece will slip smoothly into your interior.



    Made in France.


    Outer shell: 100% merino wool


    Format: 45 x 45 cm


    Stitch: Jersey point


    Weight: 650 g (+/- 10%)

  • CARE

    Cushion not removable.

    Machine wash, 30 ° delicate cycle.

    Drying in the open air.


    Upcycled cushion delivered in an organic and fair trade cotton bag, woven and sewn in France.