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Recognized today as a key brand in the world of luxury, La Maison de la Maille has also earned this reputation by working with the biggest Hotels, including luxury hotels, and also numerous other exceptional locations such as  yachts, private aircraft and luxury villas… One of its true allies in this key stage of its evolution, Le Mans Country Club and its director Lucia Robert – whom I interviewed – were the first to place their trust in La Maison. When, how, why? A look back on a beautiful story. 


When did this collaboration between you come about?

Lucia Robert. It was about three years ago. Charlotte came to meet me to show me some of La Maison de la Maille’s products and explain the brand’s values and projects a little. We got on well straight away and I loved what I was seeing and hearing, both in terms of the quality of the Maison’s products and the history behind it. 


What was the first thing you did together? 

L.R. We have a Gastronomic restaurant in the hotel called le Séquoia. For our first bespoke project together, we designed a throw in mustard and gray colors with the restaurant logo, a little pine cone, embroidered on it. It was no great surprise when the result turned out to be perfect and so, of course, we wanted to continue working with La Maison de la Maille.


What did you ask La Maison de la Maille for after that? 

L.R. After this lovely customized throw project, we fell in love with La Maison de la Maille’s products, and we asked them to provide bed throws for the hotel bedrooms. And to take our wish to collaborate with them even further, we also put a few throws on sale in our boutique. 


Do you think ecology is unavoidable in the hotel trade nowadays?

L.R. Yes, no doubt about that. At least as far as the efforts we are all able to make, which are more a question of civic-mindedness than political activism. We are not an eco-lodge but we are continually looking to improve in all aspects related to the environment. We have a vegetable garden that supplies many of the products used in the kitchen, and otherwise we work essentially with local producers. We have obviously implemented a waste management system, installed an electrical supply point for our customers, and every day – as an intrinsic part of my management – I strive to raise the awareness of my teams. 


Is this also the reason why you wanted to work with La Maison de la Maille?

L.R. Partly yes, of course. I am dead set on working as much as possible with local businesses or, at the very least, with Made in France. But it’s true that the geographical proximity of La Maison de la Maille, its beautiful products and the values it defends won me over straight away.


Any other joint projects in the pipeline?  

L.R. Before the pandemic we had a project to refurbish the hotel bedrooms, but Covid put paid to a lot of the challenges we had set ourselves. The idea at the time was to order personalized bed throws with embroidery work from La Maison de la Maille. I sincerely hope that this discussion about a new joint project will become news again.

Article written by Laura Isaaz


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