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these 5 interior designers to follow closely

Their names will most likely be familiar to you, and for good reason. Initially known and recognized for their achievements in the world of interior design, these five design personalities have, in the space of a few years, become more of a celebrity than the celebrities themselves. Robert Couturier, Laura Gonzalez, Vincent Darré... We take a closer look at these big names that make us want to consume nothing but beautiful, local and timeless products. You could begin by treating yourself to an item from La Maison de la Maille for example.


Behind his bold spectacles and his cheery appearance, Robert Couturier is today one of the most emblematic figures in the world of interior architecture. The head of a veritable empire, this Parisian’s touch can be seen everywhere: in hotels, luxury residential spaces, ultra-popular establishments, and so on. Not to mention his numerous collaborations with stars and billionaires the world over, which have earned his work a place in such prestigious publications as Architectural Digest, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Town and Country, the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveller, House and Garden, Robb Report and even Elle Decor.


The Parisian interior designer Laura Gonzalez needs no further introduction, and neither do her multiple creations that are as fanciful as they are irresistible. On her Instagram account, which currently has more than 70k followers, you can find her universe in its entirety, with inspirations, close-ups of her sublime creations and wide-angle shots of the different spaces she has furnished. It’s beautiful, colorful, classy, inspired by the East, and luxury in its most fun and artistic form. We love it. And if you want a tip, take a look at the interior of her country house in Normandy... To die for!

Successful singer? Top model? Hollywood actress? Nope. If her name rings a bell, it’s only because this French designer is recognized the world over. Her success stems from her huge talent, shaped by her studies in some of the world’s most prestigious schools, and made accessible to the public through her popular collaborations with brands like H&M and Monoprix. We are mad about her Mabouls glasses and her Casanova lamp.


At this point, perhaps it might be appropriate to talk about poetry. Because there is an element of this when we look at the different creations designed by this Parisian dandy who seems to live in a much more joyous world than ours. Combining extravagance, fantasy and surrealism, every one of the works of this designer, with his trademark bowtie and smooth locks, tells us a story. Perhaps because Vincent Darré is not just a great interior designer, he is also a consummate artist.


Less whimsical than his playmates, more classical but a key component of high decoration, Jean-Louise Deniot brought his talents to the fore with the creation of his architecture firm in 2000. Renowned for his very elegant interior designs, his neo-Classical references and his British touch, this designer dazzles with his poise when it comes to creating settings and his keen eye for his surroundings. The perfect combination of luxury and art.

Article written by Laura Isaaz


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