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In the magic times in which we are living, almost everything is recyclable. Wool is no exception to the rule, and we are increasingly finding exquisite designs made from recycled fibers. Continuing to embrace its philosophy of expanding the boundaries of eco-awareness, La Maison de la Maille has been won over by the idea and has launched a throw made from recycled cashmere.

Learn all about it.



As its name clearly states, it is cashmere but recycled.
It is also and above all a response to the urgent need to implement new methods to reduce excessive production and the ecological consequences that go with it as much as possible. The idea? Separating the fibers from cashmere pieces that are no longer used (to avoid throwing them away) and turning them into new creations. While the concept seems relatively simple put in these terms, it is nonetheless complex to put into practice and not all brands are ready to take the leap. The good news? This is changing.


While cashmere has earned the prestigious reputation that it enjoys, recycled cashmere is moving toward very closely resembling its big brother. Nowadays, we can consider that the two wools share the same properties. Soft, supple, insulating and extremely fine, recycled cashmere wool also has in its bag of tricks the ability to blend extremely well with other textiles such as cotton or different categories of wool. And a good recycled cashmere is better than a bad cashmere. At the end of the day, it all lies in the quality of the wool chosen at the start of the chain.


Boasting gorgeous alpaca wool throws, La Maison de la Maille nonetheless wanted to take its ecological innovation even further. This summer, it launched a throw available made of 50% extremely high-quality recycled cashmere (the other half being merino wool). Created in black and beige in a double-sided knit featuring the brand’s monogram, this new creation consolidates – as if this were needed – the brand’s image of elegance.


Just like cashmere, recycled cashmere loves water! So feel free to wash your recycled cashmere pieces regularly to prevent pilling, as well as to keep all their softness and suppleness. And despite what people may believe on this subject, recycled cashmere can be readily machine-washed on a cool wool cycle using a special detergent for wool. You can also obviously wash it by hand.

How do you dry it?

Once again, the information is often contradictory. The important thing to remember is to choose very gentle spin cycles (500 rpm maximum) and then let your piece rest flat on a towel to prevent it from becoming misshapen.

Good to know

Recycled cashmere can be ironed, as long as you follow a few rules of use so as not to damage the fiber (light touch, steam jet and inside out). Against all the odds, softener is absolutely prohibited in the cleaning process for cashmere and hence recycled cashmere. It weighs down and impairs the wool’s quality and softness.


So, as you can see, recycled cashmere is not the cheap version of cashmere but a bona fide eco-friendly alternative that does not detract from the quality of the pieces. If you turn to brands – such as La Maison de la Maille – that strive to create premium products, you can buy items made of recycled fibers with complete confidence. But be sure to choose your brand carefully because, as will always be the case in the industry, certain inexpensive brands offer pieces that are very attractively priced but do not always live up to the criteria of luxury and quality required by cashmere. Don’t hesitate to put an extra 100 euros towards your scarf or sweater; you won’t be disappointed in your investment.

Article written by Laura Isaaz

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