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Even more than the media, influence has had an ever greater impact on consumer trends and habits over the last ten years. This is true not just for the fashion world, but for a number of other areas where it has gradually gained ground. Interior design is no exception to the rule, and some influencers are today known and recognized on the web for their talent as antique hunters (we are still talking about interior design) and the way they decorate their interiors (and sometimes other people’s) with vintage items, ethical brands, designer treasures, and “Made in France” articles. Enough to make us want to pinch their keys and have a copy made.



She is the trailblazer in the game. Laetitia Renevier, interior design journalist and creator of the Billie Blanket blog, needs no further introduction. Known for her beautiful photos of her house in the suburbs of Paris, she inspires us with different combinations of genres and periods. Berber carpets, bistro chairs, Scandinavian furniture, beige, blue, peacock feather wallpaper, and more. Always bold, but never lapsing into bad taste.



Camille is not just an interior design influencer, she is also the founder of the Merci Raoul workshop that offers renovation projects, tips and interior design, all with the same underlying principle: caring for the environment. This is why Camille gives priority to local brands and reusing materials; look no further than her magnificent old washbasin that belonged to her father and now takes pride of place in her bathroom.



We love everything about Mamie boude: the name, the artistic direction, the design, the photos. This multi-purpose duo formed by Lisalou and Guillaume has succeeded over the years in creating a little lifestyle empire that continues to inspire their community. With their gift for talking about breaks, food, photography and art, these two lovers of the west coast are particularly skilled at combining decorative items in their sublime house where vintage pieces rub shoulders with beautifully-made furniture and works by local artists hanging on the walls. All that’s missing is a La Maison de la Maille throw for those chilly evenings by the sea.



Céline has also carved out a niche in the interior design world, particularly with her Frenchfancy blog, where she shares her top tips for organizing and decorating, but also her interior design favorites. In the form of a webzine, Frenchfancy is a genuine bible for all design lovers. On her Instagram account, we are seduced by the cool tones (black and white), the minimalist Scandinavian style and the mineral and plant materials that give a warm touch to everything. Chic and timeless. Like La Maison de la Maille blankets.

Julie is an interior designer who has created an Instagram account where she posts photos of the house she has been renovating from all angles, and we have to admit that the impact is stunning. Late arrivals can find videos and photos by scrolling down a little or by delving into the front-page stories. This pavilion-style house in Nantes, originally somewhat short on charm, has become in Julie’s talented hands as refined as a Marie Claire Maison front cover. White wood, wallpaper, a mixture of wood and marble, antique furniture, designer items, glass partitions to allow light to flood through and create space… It has all the elements to make it a success. Except perhaps for a La Maison de la Maille throw. What do you think? Are we in a loop?

Article written by Laura Isaaz


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