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Firm and dense, thanks to its very aesthetic seed knit stitching, this eco-friendly wool plaid is both warm and resistant. It will bring comfort and softness either to your interior or your silhouette should you chose to adopt it.


This travel plaid with nomad dimensions (130 X 170 cm) is an invitation to calm and softness. Whether you are traveling around the world or enjoying a calm evening nearby the fireplace, you only have to close your eyes.


In its duo version (160 X 220 cm), this refined travel plaid is able to host romantic picnics as well as drinks full of joy with your friends. Back inside in from an adventurous day-out, it will also elegantly dress rooms or living rooms, spreading thus the good vibes.


  • Made in France


    Threads: Eco-friendly wool 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyamide, 5% other fibres



    • Single: 130 X 170 cm (+/- 10%)
    • Duo: 160 X 220 cm (+/- 10%)

    Stitch: Seed-stitch + Rib edge 4X4



    • Single: 1kg approx.
    • Duo: 2 kg approx.